Illians Crossing

A Little Piece of Home

Distrust on Both Sides

As the elves approached they looked over our little group with a bit of wonder. I greeted them and explained the situation and thanked them for their assistance in killing the orcs. They didn’t seem interested in talking with anyone else in the party so I was more than happy to speak with them. It was wonderful to be with elves again. I was born and raised among them and even though my mother was human she raised me in the customs of the elven society. I know all was not perfect living among people who can live forever but it’s what I knew.

Tarn said they had the body of the plague victim that was dropped in the stream back at their village, Tanhill. He asked us to come look at it and we all agreed this would be a good idea. I told them of the purple and green eyed elf that was seen doing the same thing to a well in a human village. The group discussed it and thought it was odd that an elf was seen in the human town and a human was poisoning the elven stream. It seems like someone is trying to start trouble.

We traveled for several days and I kept mostly with the elves. I took my regular guard shift with the group but I found being among the elves felt a little like being home. We did discuss what was happening with the humans and elves. Tarn said the humans were pushing further into the forest and they needed to stop. The agreement was they would not cut down any more trees. It seems they are trying to push their way into more of the forest to increase the farmlands. We told him we along with the Princess would pass this information along.

We did run into a little trouble on the way to Tanhill. We spotted an orc arrow sticking out of a tree as if it were marking something. Well it was…the distance the big nasty orc up on the top of the hill had to shoot. He hit Vil square in the back as he was trying to remove the arrow. Ouch that is one big arrow. We set off in pursuit up the hill but after hitting him a couple of times he seemed to stop firing. The whole time we were heading up the hill Vil was grunting something about red. Tarn yelled up at us to stop chasing him. That orc was known as the rooster because the big red mohawk he had. He was know to ambush humans and elves and lead them into traps.We ended our chase and Langnus healed the wounded before we continued on to Tanhill.

We arrived in Tanhill and I realized this was nothing like my home. We lived among the trees but these elves lived on the ground just like humans. We saw the foul and rotting plague body, or at least Langnus did. I chose to stay out as the stench was quite unbearable. He said it was much like the other body. Someone did notice the clothes on the body appeared to be from the same town where the well was poisoned. That was certainly a long way for away.

We head back out the next day. Tarn and company lead us to the Great Road and we part ways. Both sides agree to let the powers that be know there seems to be someone behind these plague poisonings and that hopefully both sides will agree to hold off on any type of retaliation until we can find out who is behind this.


Great write up!

A Little Piece of Home

I was hoping I remembered things correctly.

A Little Piece of Home
joescheirich Goldenglade

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