Illians Crossing

Moving whats left of the town (Harlow)

After we saved the town from the Plague Zombies and super Zombies, we gather the survivors. There are only 80 some people left out of over 500, with only 6 warriors among them.
But there are BODIES ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! and it is starting to smell. Roderick and Langnus say we need to burn the bodies, and they start organizing groups from the able bodied folk.
Lia volunteers to go get our horses from the village up north where we left them stabled. So I take this opportunity to “volunteer” search the houses for “stuff” we will need to make the journey with 80 townsmen to Ilfreycomb and the Prince.
Vil gets volunteered to drag bodies, boy am I glad I am not big and strong, he gets all the bad jobs.
I mark the houses that have good food, blanket free of blood and pas, and any with usable wagons or carts. Someone can come carry it all back top the group of houses were are staying in. I am definitely not carrying all the by myself. The money I was keeping, but soon discovered that there was so much coin I would HAVE to share it. All total there was over 10,000 copper, 5,000 silver and 700 gold, there was even one old man with a pouch of gems and 4 platinum. I was Rich!
But I could not carry it all, and I really don’t have anything I want to spend it on…so I split is amongst everyone. Ok so I kept the gems and platinum for the party, but we were doing all the heavy lifting.
The Towns folk thought I was the best, as I gave everyone 9 gold, 62 silver and 128 copper, this way they could start over when they reached the city.
I even found the Apothecary for Langnus and he loaded a whole wagon full of stuff from that shop.
It took us about a week, but finally we had the 21 wagons loaded and ready to go. Boy I though I walked slow, but the wagon train did not move fast at all, It will take forever to get to get to the city.
The first couple of days were uneventful, but the next night I was awoken by one of the warriors. The night was eerily silent, until Vil shouted little demon, and ran into the darkness. I stay put, hiding next to the last wagon in line. Sure enough there walked a “little” demon into the light. “Little”, the thing was taller than I am and looked to have bigger teeth and claws than the last one I killed. I line up a shot from the sling-staff, and snag it on the wagon. Damn, I missed. Luckily the warriors charged it getting its attention, and Lia shoots it with some arrows. At least she hit the thing. Roderick Takes up a guard position half way down the line of wagons peering into the darkness. Langnus calls down A’Tar’s blessing on us, and I hear Vil shouting about the big black demon is here too, and for Langnus to get over here and heal him. Vil stumbles into the firelight and is looking very torn up. I get a hit on the demon finally, as do the warriors and Lia, before the demon claws one of the men dropping him.
The are at the other end of the wagon goes black as we kill our demon, the only people I can see are Roderick, Lia and the surviving warrior. Roderick is shouting to dispel the darkness with the rod. I say the words “Numa Templa” and the darkness vanishes!! yea! Oops the Shadowy Demon is looking right at me, time to hide. Vil and Roderick wade in and I can see Langnus’s Glowing weapon kill another small demon. Weird It is a hammer, I thought it was a sword last time. I get a good shot in and the demon takes notice of me again, as he KILLS Vil, and steps my way. I tumble under a wagon to get away, he chips a claw on the wagon bed, narrowly missing me. Whew!
Roderick, 2 of the warriors, and Lia, now using her falchion, surround the demon and hit it from all sides. I hide again and get in another good shot with a bullet. damn here he comes, I seem to have made him mad. Again I narrowly evade getting disemboweled, like one of our warriors. Vil rejoins the fight, he was not DEAD!, after being partially healed by Langnus. the Demon is again surrounded and he flys away in the air and is lost in darkness. We wait nervously for a couple of minutes, but he never comes back.
We lost 15 villagers and 2 of the warriors but we won…
The rest of the journey was boring and we finally make to the city and the prince. He is overjoyed to see his sister alive an well.
The princess, Roderick and Langnus talk and talk to the prince about plague and elves and the demon… boring, I wander off and get out one of the big gems and look at it, they really are very nice… :-)
We leave the next day, The Baroness and her son Xanister are traveling with the Prince, Princess and us, so we have 4 wagons and are making better time. the prince does not want to stop at the same camp where the demon attacked the first time. So we press on to the next site, only to find it already occupied buy a covered wagon. Next to a cheerful fire are and Old man and his young beautiful daughter. The old man is Masheer and he says he is a fortune teller, and his daughter, Nina is learning his trade. the Prince, Roderick, Langnus and Xanister are falling over themselves to be the first one to greet her. She is very pretty, maybe she will let me sit on her lap.
Masheer says he would like to tell our fortune, and I shout me first and rush over. Masheer chants, covers my palm with dust smacks my hand and begins to read my palm, he says there is great wealth in my future, (duh I have a bag full of gems). then looks startled and says I might be the one? Of course I am the one, wait the one what?
before he can answer, a ball if light floats into the camp. everyone stands and draws weapons, A Large wolf enters the firelight, I mean as big as a horse big. and the light turns and angry red and fires two bolts of light at Masheer and Nina. Don’t kill Masheer he has not told me the one what yet! Nina is dropped by the beam, but appears to be still breathing. as the wolf is joined by two others and they attack. Arrows bullets and spells fly at the light doing a little damage. The fighters move to intercept the wolves and Langnus calms one so it stops attacking. Lia exclaims she can not damage them as her arrows keep bouncing off it. Masheer say pick up the bag at her feet and wish for a weapon that can damage the wolves. Or were wolves as one of them shifts into a partially human form. Lia’s new bow is very effective, Vil is doing damage but I can’t even get a hit using my staff like a club. This close up fighting sucks! Roderick and the Prince are holding one off but doing very little damage to it and it shifts into a hybrid human also. Lia finishes off the werewolf and Langnus says his calming is going to end. so we move to help and and Langnus get big again. (he has a big butt when he is small, it gets huge when he makes himself 9’ tall.) But his hammer hurts as he kills the one attacking Roderick in one hit. the other, still in wolf form, runs off into the night.
A’Tar, (no not the pony) travelling with the Prince and Princess sucks, I mean they are monster magnets… Hopefully I can sleep the rest of the night.
Then Masheer says you are indeed the ones! He goes to his wagon and brings back a small rod. He hands it to ME!! and says the best thing I have ever heard, "This is a Rod of ULTIMATE TREASURE, use it blah blah blah…….
I concentrate on the rod trying to make it work and it tugs me around until I am point it North. The ULIMATE TREASURE is North, can we leave now??


joescheirich Raven65

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