Illians Crossing

Who's Ambushing Who?

After defeating the Baron’s men and capturing the groups leader, the party learns from questioning them that the Baron has decided to leave the main road over the Green Mountains and follow trails back to his home town. The group decides to pick up some of the men’s mounts, and begins to track the Baron down the trail.

Lia has no problems following the trail across the soft dirt and the party begins to gain on him. Unfortunately, it is getting dark and the party must stop for the night. After the light is gone from the sky, the group scouts a bit ahead from a taller vantage point and sees a camp fire not more than three miles away. Instead of waiting till the morning, the group decides that they will ambush them that evening when they have the advantage of surprise.

The party is successful in sneaking up to the camp, and quickly dispatches the guard watching the approach from their end of the trail. The group storms the camp, and pretty quickly drops the majority of the defenders. They find the princess in the middle of the camp, apparently drugged and unconscious. The Baron is a rather formidable opponent, but a well timed command spell on the Baron himself gets him to move out of position and allows multiple PCs to attack him, bringing him down.

Right as the Baron falls, an arrow flies out of the darkness, nearly hitting Lia. It’s an orc arrow. A large raiding party hiking through the mountains had also seen the camp fires (orcs are not common in this area) and decided to attack. Fortunately the players are there or they would have been chasing a large party of orcs with Adelaide the next day.

The players initially do pretty well, but as wave after wave of orcs pour through the woods to the camp, they start to take their toll on the group. Oddly, many of the orcs that come into the camp refuse to battle Vil once they notice that he is an orc. Things really start to look bad as the raiding group leaders make their way towards the camp. One of them, an already large orc, is enlarged by their shaman and makes his way into the fray.

As the party is evaluating their avenues for escape, another couple of arrows fly into camp, this time hitting orcs. Lia recognizes them as elf arrows. Although a help, there are not enough elves to help even the odds. The tide turning event came from Langnus, who targeted the leader with a fear spell, causing him to bolt in terror from the camp. The rest of the orcs, seeing their leader flee, decide that it may be best if they followed.

With the battle won, the players heal their wounds and search the bodies. The elves come down and the leader introduces himself as Tarnillion. They had been pursuing a human who had poisoned one of their streams and had followed his trail to the Green Mountains, where they had lost him. While searching, they came across this orc war party, and had been following them the past day. They had been debating ambushing the orcs until they saw them attacking the camp. They were happy watching the orcs and humans slaughter each other until the leader noticed an elf in the group. That is when they decided to act.


joescheirich Goldenglade

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