Human Female Wizard


Growing up without parents is hard, even if you’re from the nobility. My father is the good King Lothar, though I don’t understand why they call him the “Good King” when all he does is hunt every day and can’t be bothered to make decisions. And frankly, why do they even call him king? He rules over a small city and a bunch of small farming villages, with a population less than the duchies that make up the rest of the Kingdom of Bistritzia. I’m sure that the only reason the King of Bistritzia even allows my father to call himself a king is that he’s too far away and unimportant to even bother.

My father and I have never gotten along. My mother died hours after my birth. My father loved my mom and it had been twenty years since my brother and heir had been born. Women my mother’s age just don’t have children, so I was a surprise, a blessing for my mother and a curse for my father. Although he’s never said it, I think he blames me for her death.

Nanny’s and other hired help took care of me as I grew up. My brother, Prince Labraid, keeps an eye out for me and lets me sit by his side during official events. He is strong and smart and very well-liked by the people of Illian’s Crossing, and will someday make a great king if my damn father would just freaking die. He’s been king for over 80 years now, there is only one person in the entire town that was even alive during his coronation. People in my family live longer than most, but this is beyond ridiculousness. I guess doing nothing but hunting during the day and drinking beer at night is the key to good health.

I have a secret. I can cast magic! Well, not a secret really because I’m not hiding it, but a secret from my father because he doesn’t pay enough attention to me to know. He is going to flip out when he find out, but I don’t care. I learned a couple years ago that I can mimic what the court magician, Kristoph, does and repeat some of his spells. Not the complicated ones yet, but the simpler spells. I showed Kristoph what I can do and he has been teaching me weekly how to cast spells. He even helped me create my first spell book.

Despite learning magic, I’ve been terribly bored. I get in trouble a lot, and recently my brother has been pushing me to begin picking up civic duties to help off-load the work he is required to do. The thought of having to sit all day and listen to people talk and complain sounds like being locked in a cage. I brought up me joining the guard, but my brother strictly prohibited it. I want to be outside, riding horses, using my skills to protect people from harm. But Labraid won’t let me.

So I went around him. Illian’s crossing has a huge militia, and due to all the orc incursions lately, is actively recruiting. I packed some things, disguised myself and went to the main city gate to sign up. Women rarely join the militia, but it is allowed and there are a few. No one at the guard house recognized me of course, I’ve been practicing disguising myself since I was young so that I could go out into the town. At first, they were skeptical about my ability to pass the physical requirements of joining the militia, but after demonstrating my special skills, I was easily able to sign up. They are always looking for people with special skills; arcane magic, healing, swordsmanship. And if you can bring your own equipment, even better.

It was all set and I sat with the other recruits of the day, waiting to be sent to the barracks for processing, when my brother shows up. I was such a fool, of course he would be summoned if a recruit possessing magical skills signed up. He took one look at me and immediately recognized who I was. He dragged me out of there by my arm, it was so embarrassing.

By lucks chance, my father came back from one of his hunting excursions just as my brother was dragging me back. Labraid told him what I was doing and then the most amazing thing happened, he smiled. He told my brother that if that’s what I wanted to do, that I should be allowed to do it. And then he looked at me (he never makes eye contact with me) and told me he was proud of my choice. Maybe he isn’t such a jerk after all.

So here I am, a “princess” of Illian’s Crossing, sitting in a room with my new militia unit. A motley crew we are, a bunch of individuals who don’t fit in easily with the rest of the recruits. I’m sure we’re considered the special unit (as in difficult), but something just seems RIGHT about all of us being here.


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